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Help needed

As an international student i have some serious problems about continue my study
Melbourne, Australia Education
I came this country with great passions and hopes, i left everything behind my country and i spend all of my savings in order to achieve better future.

Who am i?

My name is Gokay (means sky moon in turkish) and i am from turkey i never planned to come Australia was always dreaming to living in europe so you wonder what am i doing in here i assume… Well family happened.

I met with a guy a distant relative we meet and worked together time to time for long years and he was eager to help me move to australia -and he did- he offered me place to stay, helped me to arrange my study etc. he gave financial support to me according to that deal i should have pay him back after i finish my study but something went terribly wrong.

I arranged everything paid my visa plane tickets etc. and moved here first 3 months was pretty good i study in RMIT just english at the moment -maybe you already notice my lack of english no judgements please i am still learning :)- after that i will go to study Bachelor of social science (Psychology) if -of course- i can find the money.

So what went wrong? well first you need to know about my country. Turkey was a secular and moderate muslim country excluding last 10 years new government pretty much messed things up. Highly religious islamic party started to poison our people. That causes some people more conservative which i really have no problem with that as long as they are not interfering with our lives -but they did-

Anyway i was an atheist for a long time, long before i came to Australia but of course i always hide it from the people i just met just to avoid unneccessary arguments also debating with people really doesn’t change too much about their personal beliefs.

Back to topic i never imagined my relative was highly religious so one day he asked me to go to a mosque with him i simply said “no thanks i am an atheist.” after that everything went terribly wrong a lot of shitstorm happened a lot of stupid debates and arguments and i couldn’t take back what i said in order to made him continue supporting me…

Right now i study in RMIT english course program (ELICOS) i still have 3 months to pay my uni education but after that i am on my own and there is no way for me to find that kind of money in here.

I am already washing cars during weekend and thats only cover my weekly expenses (train, food, rent -luckly i pay really decent price for rent-) and since i am an international student australian government doesn’t offer me any kind of scholarship (neither my country) i don’t have any right to apply for any kind of government help program (i don’t even get a concession myki for trains) There is absolutely no one in my country are able to help me out (father/mother passed away others are too old/don’t have any money) my friends in turkey are in no shape to me because turkish money doesn’t worth anything in here (minimum wage in australia is approx. AU$700 per week in turkey approx US $400 per MONTH.)

What I Need & What You Get
I need AU$22,080 but RMIT updating and changing their system right now so setted number for just in case if they raise the prices

I am going to study bachelor of social science Psychology with that money and i precisely want to work with children and early childhood psychology i believe if i can treat a person in young age they will have a happier life.

I finished agriculture undergraduate in my country also i started business(distant uni - bachelor) also spanish language and literature(bachelor) but i came here and left those studies.

Risks & Challenges
If i cannot achieve my goal i will try to pay first year of my education, so it depends on how much money collected. if i cannot collect even to pay first year of my education then i will use that money to return back my country and try to start a life in there.

Other Ways You Can Help
If you are financially unavaliable to donate please share this page. Also any information you can give me in order to complete my study and live in australia i am all ears. It is seriously important for me.


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