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I just had that strange hollywood-style dream this morning.
In the start i was enjoying the sunset, sitting on grasses in front of the state library. Taking pictures etc. then i saw a huge plane falling down through sky i saw the smokes come out i swear that i heard screams from the plane but sound of the engine was louder. Plane crashed somewhere really close. I immediately rush down to the plane to save at least some of the passengers.
I was quite good with helping those poor people, most of them were dead though then i saw a debit card on the floor then things become weird. My personality split to half. Good side of me was thinking “i should take it and find the owner” the other side “oh lets take it for ourselves” its strange to see those two actually had a common-ground. Oddly enough i take it without questioning my values the name of the holder was “Mauro D’ambrosio” i find myself searching some information about the card holder, maybe a wallet or even person itself. I saw a basketball shirt named on him and i was like “i bet he is rich” again tried to not question my morals i get off from the plane with an injured guy on my shoulders.
After i got home i start searching information about that guy didn’t take too much time to find out he is a famous basketball player.
I don’t remember how but i find a way to access his bank details and there were US$14.440 deposited in his debit card.
So in the morning first thing i went to hospital to check if he is still alive (didn’t lose to dark side yet but i was still planing to get the money) there was a whoopi goldberg type black woman terrorising through hospital, yelling at the doctors, nurses etc. i guessed that she is the wife and suddenly thought “they will slam dunk to my ass shit!” I had a chance to glimpse through mauros’ room he was alive! And he is not black he is very caucasian tall guy with blonde dreads -actually i thought he looks pretty cool- that doesn’t help me get scared anyway i mean he has that muscular basketball player body type damn.
Next stop: bank
I went to the atm it seems debit card does not working properly so i went inside to ask an employee she took the card and went back office. I saw her talking with an officer showing her something with her phone i was like “shit this is the end i got busted” i rushed outside but she caught me and say “hey where are you
Going?” Her sound seemed not angry more like curious so i stopped and think “well false alarm” she gave back the card and say it will be okay in couple of days!
I went back home then later that night while i was enjoying outside i heard a good car engine sound then i saw a bugatti coming down to street to my direction really fast it stopped in front of me and there! Mauro coming out of car while my mind calculating the different murdering styles he may use on me i realised he was not even in the shape of stand still after he get out of the car he vomit and fell down over it. Again the good side of me thought “eww thats disgusting” while the dark side “nice! now get rid of the corpse and steal the money”
Then my alarm clock rang and i woke up and thought “well thats totally worth it”

Moral of that dream: I need money

it means no memories, for the rest of the night  (via suchvodka)

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Fuck an award, give him a presidency.


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